A little bit of NeXt history fused into OS X

Sun, Aug 9, 2009

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Check out this little bit of NeXt history fused into OS X.  To take a snapshot of your entire computer screen, Mac users can press command-shift-3.  And if users want to select a specific part of the screen to take a picture of, they can press command-shift-4.  But, if you happen to be a fan of NeXT, the computer company Steve Jobs built after getting the boot from Apple, try pressing command-shift-4 and then pressing the spacebar – you’ll notice that the coordinates that typically appear are gone, and in their place is a NeXt icon.

There was a time, back in the day, when Easter Eggs like the one mentioned above were found throughout the Mac OS.  But since OS X, Apple has, for whatever reason, noticeably scaled back the number of these quirky easter eggs that used to add an extra layer of fun (for lack of a better word) to being a Mac user.

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