Dell to launch smartphone in China in the next few days?

Mon, Aug 10, 2009

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TechCrunch writes that Dell will be coming out with a branded smartphone, called the Ophone mini3i, in China in the next few days.  Supposedly it will sport a similar form factor as the iPhone , will run Android, and won’t include a physical keyboard.

Specs aside, Dell has really outdone themselves with the naming of this as of yet un-announced device.  The Ophone mini3i sounds more like a robot  or a futuristic virus than the name of a smartphone.

To wit:

“Hey, what’s wrong with your computer?”

“I’m not sure.  One second I’m downloading some music, and the next thing you know, I have the Ophone mini3i virus!”

“Damn, that’s rough”

Back in March we wrote that Dell’s first efforts to create a smartphone where hindered when Dell prototypes failed to impress carriers looking for an eye-catching design to take on the iPhone.  Then, in mid-June, the following photo surfaced purporting to be a leaked, and blurry, shot of Dell’s upcoming smartphone.  If that doesn’t scream Ophone mini3i, then I don’t know what does!



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