Apple working on social media application for iTunes?

Tue, Aug 11, 2009


Hot on the heels of a news report that iTunes 9 will support Blu-Ray and include Twitter and other types of social media integration comes news from Boy Genius Report that Apple might be working on a completely new social media application that would “consolidate all your social networking services.”

According to the report, iTunes 9 will allow users to broadcast what songs they’re listening to to their friends, which is some what reminiscent of the feature in iChat which enables users to display the song currently playing in iTunes to their chat buddies.  In addition, users will be able to share their music with friends on the same network.  This all well and good, but if Apple truly wants to position iTunes as a “social” application, then there will most definitely need to be a lot more to it than simply letting people know what you’re listening to.

And lastly, BGR shares some more information about how iTunes 9 will let users re-arrange the order of iPhone applications from within iTunes.  Specifically, users will be able to sort apps by name, genre, date added, “and of course, custom arrangement.”

So there you have it – iTunes 9 seems to be shaping up as a solid update.  And coupled with an expected iPod refresh, September is looking to be an exciting month for iPod and iPhone users.



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