Apple flanks out a PR Team for the App Store?

Wed, Aug 12, 2009


In less than 2 weeks, Apple VP of marketing Phil Schiller responded via email to 2 outspoken critics of Apple’s app store policies.  This was a welcome change for app store critics, who more than anything, have decried Apple’s lack of transparency and communication with developers regarding rejected apps.  And now comes word from TechCrunch which hints that Apple might be deploying a PR team to deal exclusively with app store issues.  After receiving an email addressed from someone in “App Store Public Relations”, MG Siegler notes:

From what I’ve heard, the company fairly recently broke the iPhone PR team in two, with one side focusing on the hardware, and the other on the App Store, and this would seem to be proof of that. In the past, I’ve received similar emails, but they were always from the more general iPhone PR or Apple PR teams.

One thing’s for sure, though.  Apple can endure a few app store controversies here and there, but if problems keep up at their current pace, it won’t be long before people start to view, rightly or wrongly, Apple as the new Microsoft.  But taking steps to actually reach out and communicate with noted critics and developers goes a long way in changing that perception.  That said, hopefully, app store backlash’s will soon be a thing of the past.



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