How does this guy have a job?

Wed, Aug 12, 2009


Adrian Kingsley-Hughes of CNET on Apple’s success’s and challenges:

Apple has grown to become one of the most influential tech companies on the planet. One trick that Apple has employed to great effect is the Reality Distortion Field (RDF). But lately I can’t help but feel that Apple has grown so big, so fast that it has outgrown the protective shield of the RDF and is now having to face up to the sort of criticisms that all multi-billion dollar companies face?

Why of course!  The RDF, the most clever marketing ploy known to man!

How bad has the RDF been weakened? Well, it has become so weak that Apple is now being seen as everything that it once stood against. Things have become so bad that long-time Mac fans such as Jason Calacanis have publicly broken ranks and spoken out against the company.

Is this guy serious?  An entire article devoted to Apple outgrowing the reality distortion field? And since when did Jason Calacanis classify as a long-time Mac fan when he writes in his own piece of being a PC fan for 20+ years?

The RDF is basically a euphemism to describe how persuasive Steve Jobs can be.  But somehow, it’s recently morphed into a supposed sales method employed by Apple to push products out the door.  It’s really quite perplexing.  The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of iPod owners have probably never even seen Steve Jobs speak.  RDF my ass.



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