Apple emerges victorious in iTunes/iPod class action lawsuit

Thu, Aug 13, 2009

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Apple recently emerged victorious in a legal case alleging that Apple illegally configured iTunes to work exclusively with iPods and not with third party MP3 players.

The Plaintiff in the case, Stacie Somers, was seeking class-action status, a motion which was denied by U.S. District Judge James Ware on account that Somers failed to prove that the proposed class suffered any tangible damages as a whole.

9to5Mac has more on the story over here.


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  1. Adam Says:

    The judge has denied certification of a damages class but the case will continue.

    “A California federal judge has denied certification of a damages class in a suit alleging Apple yadda yadda […] Somers sought simultaneously to certify a damages class and an injunctive class […] Judge Ware said he would rule on Somers’ motion for certification of an injunctive relief class at a later date.”

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