Apple planning special music themed media event in early September

Thu, Aug 13, 2009

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A number of music industry sources have confirmed that Apple is planning a special music-themed media event this September, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.  According to Peter Kafka, Apple will use the week of September 7th to announce a range of new upgrades to the iPod line.

Rumor has it that Apple will unveil a new iPod Nano with a built-in point and shoot camera, in addition to new iPod Touch models sporting the same 3 megapixel video capable camera found in the iPhone 3GS.

Furthermore, there have also been reports that Apple is working with the big 4 record companies to establish downloadable and interactive booklets that would be bundled with full album purchases on iTunes.  According to a report in the Financial Times, the project is codenamed “cocktail”and is an effort to boost album sales on iTunes.

Lastly, it was reported earlier this week that iTunes 9 will include support for Blu-Ray and that Apple is planning to integrate its media player with a number of social platforms such as Last.Fm and Twitter.

The WSJ report aside, Apple has made it somewhat of a tradition to announce music related upgrades and changes in September, so this isn’t exactly hard breaking news.

A quick look back at Apple’s past September media events:

Way back in 2005, Apple held a “Here We Go Again” event where it introduced the disappointing Motorola ROKR phone, iTunes 5, and the introduction of the iPod Nano which replaced the iPod Mini, which at the time was the most successful iPod model to date.

In 2006, Apple held an event titled “It’s Showtime” where Steve Jobs unveiled iTunes 7 and first introduced us to Apple’s favorite hobby, the Apple TV.

In 2007, Apple held an event called “The Beat Goes On” where it finally released a touchscreen iPod and announced significant iPhone price cuts, a move which sparked a mini outrage amongst Apple’s loyal group of early adopters.

And finally, in September of 2009, Apple held an event titled “Let’s Rock” where it introduced iTunes 8, and unveiled upgrades to the iPod Nano, iPod Touch, and iPod Shuffle.


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  1. Jared Says:

    Typo in last paragraph, should be 2008 (unless I’ve been living under a rock and it’s September already?). And your comment system seems to never post my comments so sometimes I wonder why I bother. Will this one survive.

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