Fact: Adam Savage of MythBusters is a huge Apple fan

Thu, Aug 13, 2009


You may not immediately recognize the name, “Adam Savage”, but you’d undoubtedly recognize him as half of the entertaining duo on the popular TV show MythBusters (hint: he’s the one not wearing a beret).  When Savage and his partner aren’t busy trying to figure out if one can survive an elevator crash by jumping up right before the moment of impact, Savage can often be found playing with his beloved Apple products.

In a recent interview with MacLife, Savage lets loose and gives us the skinny on his affinity for all things Apple.

On why he prefers the Mac:

“It comes down to totally agreeing with Steve Jobs’s core philosophy, with his central tenet that successful interactions with objects that you use should get simpler, not more complex–that you don’t need to be watching the car’s engine running in order to drive it, that the experience should be intuitive.  Whatever you’re comfortable with is the thing you should use.  I’ve consistently found that the Macintosh works the way I think it ought to work.”

You can check out the Savage’s full and enlightening interview with MacLife over here.



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