TomTom for iPhone now available on iTunes for $99

Mon, Aug 17, 2009


Well this should be good news for weary and lost travelers – TomTom’s much anticipated turn by turn app for the iPhone is finally available on iTunes for $99.

TomTom is also planning to release a car-kit in conjunction with the app release which will include the latest and greatest in Tom Tom software, the iPhone cradle which attaches to the windshield, simultaneously charges your iPhone, and also boosts GPS reception, and you of course can’t forget about the maps either.  Throw in support for voice directions and hands free calling, and you’re looking at quite a potent little GPS bundle.  Leaked reports suggest that the TomTom car-kit bundle will sell for $168.

Notably, Tom Tom’s iPhone app won’t require a subscription like the AT&T Navigator app which charges users a $9.95 monthly fee.  And lastly, there are rumors that the kit will work with the iPod Touch as well.  Remember, even though the iPod Touch has no GPS, the Tom Tom cradle has its own built-in GPS unit.



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