Analyst claims Apple may launch 2 versions of a tablet, and why we call BS

Tue, Aug 18, 2009

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According to analyst Richard Doherty of the market research firm Envisioneering Group, Apple has developed 2 prototypes of a tablet device, with one sporting a 6 inch iPod Touch like screen, and the other being the widely reported 10 inch device.  According to Doherty, Apple may launch either one or both of the devices as soon as September, with the final call reportedly being left up to Steve Jobs.

Hmm, we’re gonna have to call BS on this one.

First of all, who or what the hell is the Envisioneering Group?  If you take a look at their website, it’s straight out of 1998, and it doesn’t seem to have been updated since 2005.  Not exactly the type of company that seems on the ball.

But that aside, the information in Doherty’s report either a) brings nothing new to the table or b) directly contradicts much more reliable sources.

For example, it was reported a few weeks ago that Apple had purchased touchscreens in a variety of sizes to experiment with different tablet form factors.  So the fact that Apple has both 6 and 10 inch prototypes of a tablet really isn’t news at all.  In fact, Apple often creates prototypes of devices that never end up seeing the light of day.

Second, a number of reputable sources, such as AppleInsider and John Gruber, have reported that an Apple tablet won’t be released until early 2010.  Most recently, a report in the Wall Street Journal observed that there would be absolutely no mention of an Apple tablet at Apple’s upcoming special media event.

Third, why would Apple come out with 2 different sized tablets when there’s no promise that the market will take to either one?  That’s not Apple’s style, and would be completely out of line with past product introductions.

And finally, throwing in that bit about how the final call is ultimately up to Steve Jobs just seems like a convenient way for Doherty to save face.  If his prediction doesn’t come to fruition, he can simply say that Jobs changed his mind at the very last minute.

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  1. BestBuy Sales Man Says:

    But it would make sense to release one New iPod HD “720p 6 inch screen” and one New MacBook replacing the existing white eyesore, with a touch 10 inch that doubles as a 2nd remote touch screen to other apple devices, apple TV, iMac, MacPro, and Server. allowing the device to connect the digital life like never before. The one computer to control them all.
    Apple is all about the digital lifestyle, but in order for this product to come out apple will need to educate the people a little more so September will be first about itunes 9 (Social network window) & TV rental hopefully with three variations, Show, Network, All. Allowing for networks to add one commercial, apple one commercial and others one commercial.
    Why Commercials, apple loves control and “the Digital Lifestyle” tailoring the commercial to the viewer sill allow parents to limit offensive commercials while opening up the shock factor for thoughts with less scruples. and other onlineTV web sites already have underlining ideas for this purpose but do not have the clout that apple has they put profit back into the hands of the music industry by allowing people to download there music and pay legally for it. apple will not allow the watching of TV thru a secure medium with profitable directed commercials given to people who will most likely be effected by them. The public will pay money for a well organized method of controlling what they want and do not want. And apple will use the money from the subscription to pay for the infrastructure (where, when, how) there one commercial to make profit and allow the other two commercials to give profit to the people who make these shows. Eventually allowing one hit wonders to also contribute like firefly a show the network canceled but the people wanted.

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