Snow Leopard System Requirements

Tue, Aug 25, 2009


Snow Leopard goes on sale this Friday, and for only $29, it’s a must have for anyone running a capable Mac.  But what exactly are the minimum required specs in order to run Apple’s latest big cat OS?  Well, here’s all the information you’re gonna need.

Interested users will need the following in order to successfully run Snow Leopard:

1) A Mac computer running on an Intel processor.  Sorry PowerPC users, whoever you guys are, but you’re outta luck on this one.

2) 1 GB of RAM.  Funny, it wasn’t too long ago that a mere 1GB of RAM was the default configuration on all iMacs and MacBooks.  Oh the times, they are a changin’.

3) 5G of free Hard Disk space.

4) And lastly, users will need a DVD drive for installation.  As someone who once tried to install Tiger DVD’s on a DVD-less iMac, this requirement can’t be stressed enough!


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