Snow Leopard reviews start trickling in

Wed, Aug 26, 2009


Snow Leopard goes on sale this Friday, but a few lucky souls were given advanced copies of the OS and their reviews just went up a short while ago.

Engadget’s Review of Snow Leopard:

Here’s the thing about Snow Leopard, the single inescapable fact that hung over our heads as we ran our tests and took our screenshots and made our graphs: it’s $30. $30! If you’re a Leopard user you have virtually no reason to skip over 10.6, unless you’ve somehow built a mission-critical production workflow around an InputManager hack. (In which case, well, have fun with 10.5 for the rest of your life.) Sure, maybe wait a few weeks for things like Growl and MenuMeters to be updated, and if your livelihood depends on QuickTime we’d definitely hold off, but for everyone else the sheer amount of little tweaks and added functionality in 10.6 more than justifies skipping that last round of drinks at the bar — hell, we’re guessing Exchange support alone has made the sale for a lot of people.

MacWorld takes a look at OS 10.6

Snow Leopard is Apple’s lowest-priced OS update in eight years. Granted, it’s a collection of feature tweaks and upgrades, as well as under-the-hood modifications that might not pay off for users immediately. But the price of upgrading is so low that I’ve really got to recommend it for all but the most casual, low-impact Mac users. If you’ve got a 32-bit Intel Mac (that is, one powered by a Core Solo or Core Duo processor), the benefit of this upgrade will be a little less. But for most Mac users, especially the kind of person who reads a Web site devoted to the subject, the assorted benefits of Snow Leopard outweigh the price tag.

Andy Ihnatko’s review of Snow Leopard for the Chicago Sun-Times

Gizmodo’s Review of Snow Leopard – article is down at the moment.. get on the ball Giz!

CNET even gets into the mix with their own Snow Leopard review

Mac OS X Snow Leopard



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