Snow Leopard install disc will work on Tiger based Macs

Thu, Aug 27, 2009


Contrary to initial reports, it turns out that the Snow Leopard install disc will run on Tiger based Macs, essentially making the upgrade to Snow Leopard $29 for all users running spec-worthy Macs.  When Apple first announced Snow Leopard pricing, it said that Tiger owners would have to pay a full upgrade price of $149, in recognition of the fact that they never upgraded to Leopard.  Turns out, that that isn’t the case.

In a certain respect, it makes sense.  Selling the same piece of software at two different prices seemed more prone to cause headaches and user complaints than anything else.  What would Apple have done when the inevitable influx of Tiger users began complaining that they purchased the wrong copy of Snow Leopard, tried to return it, and were then told they had to pay an extra $120?

And if any of you Tiger owners out there are wary, Wired was able to confirm that it installed Snow Leopard on a TIger based Mac.  The only potential issue is that some older applications might not be fully supported by Apple’s new OS, but if you’re not tied to any important apps, seems like you’re good to go.

So there you have it, Snow Leopard is a $29 upgrade across the board, for all Mac users.  Gotta love it.


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  1. Scott B. Says:

    Apple is more trusting and liberal then users want to give them credit for.

    I have read some post’s that Some Users where complaining that Apple didn’t announce that Special Tiger Install feature in Snow Leopard.

    Why Would They.. Thats what the Net is For 😉

    How to be fair to all those that Paid full price for the Tiger to Leopard install at 129.00$ ???? (Can’t Answer That)

    To go from Tiger to Snow Leopard and just have to pay the 29.99$ Fee is a steal, In reality you jumped the Shark by not having to pay the 129.00$ others have had to.

    And by no means am I going to make a judgment call on the morality of this,
    Thats for Anyone that ” Believes in a Higher Power ” if it pertains to them personally as an individual.

    My only point is, Apple is More Consumer Trustworthy and Geared to offering a better experience to it’s users.

    They (APPLE) are aware the Install base for Intel Machines Shipping with Tiger and then Leopard is Small About 9-12 Month’s
    “I assume They Calculated the Risk, and have taken in consideration the Loss Value Would be less of an impact on financial revenue.”

    But In Reality Apple has Never Advertised Features that Support Previous Older Hardware in detail a., It’s given, But really if anyone really thinks that Apple is taking advantage of them with these prices & Being secretive consider this.

    The Last Dominos Pizza I Purchased (Brooklyn Style XL) & 10 Barbecue wings cost $32.60 Yumm :-0

    It’s not Apple thats ripping us off, Look around at what we purchase every day and then look at the Value and use you get from that Purchase after the fact.???

    I Evacuated that Pizza 3 Day’s Ago with the wings to follow 😉
    The $32.60 Gone, I was Happy and Blotted for a few hours and the Experience was Gone.
    Snow Leopard is Far from what that Pizza and Wigs ended up as, and Will last allot longer in the “Happy Experience” Section. And the Pizza & Wings where more then Snow Leopard Single License.. Good Gawdd 🙂

    Anyway you look at it, Snow Leopard is a good deal, And has some Surprises for All users, and even if the path from Tiger to Snow Leopard is used by Some,
    I really Believe that most Users that make the translation from Tiger to Snow Leopard Ultimately will do what is correct.

  2. Robert. K Says:

    tiger based macs u mentioned… does this include Powerbook G4’s running tiger?

    Powerbook G4 2GB 1.6GHz 80GB

  3. leake Says:

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  4. trace Says:

    the thing in all the tiger/snow leopard back-and-forthing that goes unsaid is that i think Apple realizes it’s timing was off for people who jumped on the intel macs.

    if you got an intel mac fairly soon after they came out, you got tiger. then, not too long after that, Leopard comes out. If you just bought a new computer, you’re not likely to buy a new operating system right away. maybe not even after a year or two (unless you’re a power-user).

    Apple, I think, is being sensitive to these customers– and also wanting to move everyone along so we don’t have the whole dragging of the feet deal like with OS 9 to OS X.

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