Apple asks iStat to remove “Free Memory” stat

Fri, Aug 28, 2009


iStat, developed by Bjango, is a great Mac app which gives you all sorts of juicy info about your system, but users of the program may have noticed recently that any information pertaining to “Free Memory” is no longer present.  As it turns out, Apple specifically asked the developers to remove it.

Bjango writes on its blog:

iStat’s Free Memory function was removed at Apple’s request.

This decision was completely out of our hands. Please note that all other apps with Free Memory appear to have been removed or updated without their Free Memory function too.

This was not taken lightly—we examined our choices, taking a lot of public feedback on board. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused and we do not plan to remove any other features from iStat.

If you choose (and you haven’t already updated), you can continue to run iStat version 1.0. You’ll miss out on new features, but you’ll get to keep the Free Memory feature.

We are very committed to ensuring iStat is the best iPhone and iPod Touch monitoring tool. Free Memory has been removed, but a lot of other useful features will be added in its place.



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