Rumor: Apple working on 3 different Tablet sizes

Fri, Aug 28, 2009

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Citing a source with a 100% track record, Gizmodo is reporting that Apple is not only hard at work on a 10-inch tablet, but that a 13 and 15-inch models are also in the works, with the largest presumably running full OS X.

This source claims that the two touchscreen prototypes—made of aluminum, but on the shape of big iPhones—were in a factory in Shenzuen, China. One of them “was running Mac OS X 10.5.” When I asked, the source didn’t know if these were built for demonstration purposes, or if they were preproduction units. The company has a tight relation with Apple but “it’s not FoxConn.”

We’d be interested to see which rumors in particular Gizmodo’s source has been so accurate about in the past before we attribute any validity to a rumor about what is undoubtedly Apple’s closest guraded secret at this point.  So take the above with a grain of salt.



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