Apple officially holding media event on September 9

Mon, Aug 31, 2009


Confirming previous rumors, Apple will now officially be holding its special media event on Wednesday September 9th, where it seems all but guaranteed that Apple will upgrade its entire line of iPods, with the iPod Touch and iPod Nano both expected to receive cameras.  A report also surfaced late last week which had the iPod Classic also receiving camera functionality.

In any event, members of the media received official invitations to the event this morning.  The tag line for this years event reads, “It’s only rock ‘n roll, but we like it.”  Only rock ‘n roll, huh?  Guess this is Apple’s way of hinting that there won’t be any tablet discussion whatsoever.

Lastly, Apple is also expected to unveil iTunes 9, with rumored social networking integration.  Another rumor floating around has Apple finally announcing a deal to put the Beatles catalogue of music up on iTunes.


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