Psystar now selling computers with Snow Leopard

Wed, Sep 2, 2009


Hot on the heels of their lawsuit against Apple over the tying of Snow Leopard to Apple hardware, Psystar recently announced that it’s line of Open computers will now come equipped with Snow Leopard installed.
Psystar, of course, attempted to differentiate its new lawsuit with the ongoing litigatin with Apple by arguing that it uses different technology to get Snow Leopard running on its machines than it does with Leopard.

To that effect, Psystar writes on its blog:

We have developed new virtualization technologies to allow our Open Computers to interface with the all new Mac OS X like never before, ensuring a seamless computing experience. We support Snow Leopard on all new Psystar machines and we’re already taking orders for computers with the latest OS from Apple which will begin to ship next week.

What’s interesting is that Psystar hypes up their new virtualization technology, yet makes absolutely no mention of its lawsuit against Apple.  And for the record, Apple noted in their response that they’re highly skeptical of Psystar’s claims.

And as for anyone who already owns a Psystar computer, they’re being advised not to upgrade to Snow Leopard as it might harm the machine.

.. We urge all of our previous customers against attempting to install the newest release of OS X until our techs have had a chance to ensure that updating your Psystar computer to Snow Leopard can be done safely. Again, we ask you not attempt to install the new OS X as it may cause harm to your computer, resulting in a possible re-installation of Leopard OS 10.5 and a loss of data.

Ah yes, that’s exactly the kind of stability I’m looking for in a computer.



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  1. Bob Says:

    Right now, its telling everyone around the world that we can modified, alter any software that the company creates. I’m hoping that Apple wins, the court should realize Apple owns Mac OS X. The court should halt there sales with Mac OS X, its totally wrong.


  2. Dave Says:

    Sorry Bob.

    It does not mean any software Apple creates can be “altered”

    The issue is that they produce a compatible computer. OS X is the same untouched software.

    What they are concerned about is that APPLE may have modified OS X Snow Leopard to detect the older Psystar hardware configuration, and cause problems.

    Psystar configured their computers to fool Leopard but the older ones may not fool Snow Leopard.

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