Protect your MacBook with a folded newspaper

Fri, Sep 4, 2009


Are you interested in the ultimate in MacBook protection?  No?  Well, are any of your friends interested in the most advanced anti-theft device for computers available on the market?  Still no?  Well, indulge me and take a look at this clever little idea anyways.

Check out this MacBook case covering from mitemite (don’t ask) which is designed to look like a harmless folded up newspaper.

Now that’s pretty clever.. unless, of course, you run into a thief who speaks Spanish and is especially interested in the latest news out of the G-8 summit.

But even then, mitemite has you covered as you can choose between a number of other newspapers such as one in German and the English-language International Herald Tribune.

The SkyMall-esque newspaper sleeve will set you back about $86 – and you wonder why newspapers are going out of business…

via The Apple Blog



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