AT&T employs “blogger” to explain MMS holdup

Sat, Sep 5, 2009


The iPhone 3G and 3GS will both be enabled with MMS on September 25th, but the road towards MMS has been long and winding, with many blaming AT&T’s shoddy network for the delay.  Add that onto the already negative press that often surrounds AT&T’s handling of the iPhone, and you can imagine that AT&T’s PR team has probably been working a lotta overtime hours over the past few months.

To help explain the MMS delay, and perhaps restore some faith in Ma Bell, AT&T took to video blogging yesterday in the form of “Seth the Blogger” who explains how AT&T’s network operates, and lays out how AT&T has been spending Billions of dollars upgrading its network over the past few years.

The video itself is okay, and they might have been able to find a more engaging and livelier fellow than “Seth”, but the crux of the problem is that its taken AT&T this long to publicly address some longstanding issues and concerns iPhone users have had about AT&T’s network.  For many iPhone users, the following video will probably be filed away under the title, “Far too little, and waay too late.”



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