Maine planning to provide every High School student with a MacBook

Sat, Sep 5, 2009


Ahh, high school…I remember it fondly. Well, to be honest, I just remember it. But, if there is one thing that would make me want to pull a Zac Efron and be 17 again, it would be a 13-inch MacBook, complete with a 160-gigabyte hard drive and built-in camera – are you kidding me? What more could an awkward, acne-faced teenager want?

The state of Maine, which already equips all of its 7th and 8th graders with laptops, is now expanding the program to include high schoolers, with the goal that every high school student be sporting a laptop within 2 years.  Under terms of the deal, the state will pay Apple $64 million over the next 4 years to lease a boatload of MacBooks, a sum which averages out to be $240 a year per each computer.

To sweeten the deal, students are allowed to take the computers home (but will eventually have to return them to the school), so all the kids who’ll trade in passing notes and doodles for more high-tech procrastination methods, can now enjoy the pleasures of Photobooth and iChat both during and after school. Before I start recalling more memories from homeroom and the cafeteria, let me say this: Whether or not you agree with Maine’s decision, if the state is gonna implement a laptop program, they might as well do it with some quality merch’.



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  1. Partners in Grime Says:

    Sounds like Maine is a progressive state.

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