Why it’s important for Steve Jobs to show up at today’s media event

Tue, Sep 8, 2009

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Apple’s media event is just a few hours away, so I’ll keep this brief. There’s a lot of back and forth about whether or not Steve Jobs will show up and present new iPods and other goodies at tomorrows special music related media event. Jobs, of course, hasn’t made a public appearance since he first announced his voluntary leave of absence from Apple last January.

While Apple is larger than Jobs, and to its credit, Apple has done a solid job of showcasing some of the company’s other talent as of late (Scott Forstall, Phil Schiller etc.), it’s imperative that Jobs finally show his face in public to get it out of the way once and for all. Admittedly, everyone will be taking a good look at Jobs’ appearance and how much weight he’s put on since we saw him last, and critics and pundits will inevitably spin Jobs’ health to fit into whatever kind of story they want to write, but the fact of the matter is that this laser like focus on Jobs will only continue to increase the longer he remains out of the spotlight. For as much as Jobs’ health might overshadow whatever announcements Apple has up its sleeve tomorrow, that intrigue will only multiply in the anticipation of when Jobs will finally decide to reclaim the stage. Of course, Jobs is under no obligation to show up and present anything, but he’s the CEO of a public company, and he can’t really become a complete recluse a’la Howard Hughes or Mr. Burns from The Simpsons when he ran a Casino in that classic episode where Marge got addicted to gambling, but I digress.

Like any good PR rep will tell you, you have to take control of the situation, and it makes sense on a number of different levels for Jobs to show up, get the peep show over and done with, live with annoying news reports about his appearance for a few days, and then get back to work.  It’s gonna happen eventually, and like a 18 year old freshman looking to lose his virginity, the sooner, the better.



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  1. Scott B. Says:

    Great Analogy, Agree Completely.


  2. CapnVan Says:

    Smithers: “And, uh, the jars of urine?”
    Mr. Burns: “Oh, we’ll hang on to those.”

  3. sfmitch Says:

    I completely disagree that “it’s imperative that Jobs finally show his face in public to get it out of the way once and for all”.

    Steve not showing making official public appearances hasn’t hurt Apple (see stock price, company performance, etc.)

    Many people are curious but Steve not showing his face has NOT hurt Apple.

  4. Steve B. Says:


    It was Never was Argued that Steve job’s Not showing his face has hurt Apple, But even if you believe this; it doesn’t hurt, The phycological reassurance that the man is in the front Addressing People while he is still the CEO and life blood of Popular Culture is important for many reason’s.

    If you have a Asset that is beneficial even if it is not needed, makes Smart business sense to use those assets to there full benefit for the Stability of your company…

    We will proceed to talk about the future “IN Time”.

    But it is plain idiocy not to use an asset as Job’s is, As the figurehead and the intellectual life blood “some wish to argue” .

    The dominance in persona of Job’s always helps drive sales and with an added side effect of strengthening the Company’s Share’s. And that is the Benefit of Steve Job’s Physically Being scene and heard.

    Profit Share & Stability “Plays into the Phycological aspects of Using What you Have”

    “Plain Simple Smart Business Sense”

    Your talking point is noted, But not agreed upon by most, And the argument is that he should have made an appearance long before this event.

    It also falls into Squashing negative Press, And Rest assured if jobs didn’t make an appearance at this event The only Buzz would be all about Why he Hadn’t shown up, and then the Domino effect takes place.

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