Is Dan Lyons slowly turning into Rob Enderle?

Thu, Sep 10, 2009


Dan Lyons might slowly be morphing into Rob Enderle before our very eyes.

In a recent article about Snow Leopard, Lyons writes that things are amok over at Apple, an opinion he bases on “unimpressive reports on the performance of Snow Leopard.”  Hmm, last time we checked, Snow Leopard has been getting glowing reviews at every corner, and while there have been a few incompatibility issues with certain pieces of software, Lyons cherry picks these examples from full-featured reviews written by David Pogue and Walt Mossberg and ignores their concluding opinions.

The blurb under the title of Lyons’ article reads, “The operating system upgrade costs only $29, but it’s still probably not worth it.”

But then Lyons proceeds to explain why Snow Leopard is actually worth looking into, and that its under the hood improvements are actually pretty good.

Now, the point of this article isn’t to dissect Lyons’ “review”, but merely to point out that Lyons may soon be embarking down a path already trailblazed by our good friend Rob Enderle.  You know, it’s the path filled with bitterness, ignorance, and idiocy.  Lyons may not be there yet, as he seems to be somewhat more intelligent than Enderle, but with Lyons already taking home the gold in Bitterness and the silver in Ignorance, he’s on a slippery slope towards Michael Phelpsin’ it.

We’re just sayin…



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  1. MacPredictions Says:

    He’s already a the bottom of that slippery slope. He got there a long time ago. Did you not read is terrible book “Options”? Whilst admittedly it’s supposed to be a joke, it gives you the impression that he really hates Steve Jobs guts, and doesn’t acknowledge any achievements or talent on Jobs’ part at all. The book ends with an intern replacing Jobs

    In the early days, Fake Steve Jobs was quite original and funny, but he steadily descended into bitterness and negativity.

  2. sfmitch Says:

    “In the early days, Fake Steve Jobs was quite original and funny, but he steadily descended into bitterness and negativity.”

    I agree 100%.

    I already group Dan Lyons in with Rob Enderle – I have absolutely no respect for their opinion and find no value in what they produce so I absolutely refuse to read anything they write.

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