Video Showdown: iPod Nano v. Flip SD

Sun, Sep 13, 2009


Apple CEO Steve Jobs made a point at last weeks media event to compare the new video capable iPod Nano to the popular lineup of Flip Video Cameras.  Now you might get a lot more bang for your buck with the Nano, but if you’re solely interested in shooting video, how do the two devices stack up?  Well, Chris Albrecht over at Newteevee conducted a little video test which you can check out below.  From the looks of it, video on the iPod Nano is a much welcomed addition, but has a long ways to go before its video quality can compete with the Flip.

Albrecht’s final thoughts:

Overall — the Flip offered a MUCH better picture both indoor and out, providing way more detail in the image. The Flip microphone was also a little more discerning in our test, able to distinguish our subject’s voice in a crowded room much better than the Nano.


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