What Palm CEO Jon Rubenstein learned from Steve Jobs

Mon, Sep 14, 2009


Not too long ago, Palm hired Palm Pre designer Jon Rubenstein to take over CEO duties in the wake of former CEO Ed Colligan’s departure.  Of course, before Rubenstein joined Palm, he spent about 20 years working closely with Steve Jobs (first at Next and then at Apple), and was instrumental in the development and design of the first iMac and iPod.  After retiring from his position as the Senior VP of Apple’s iPod division in 2006, he was subsequently wooed back to the tech world by Palm in the hopes that he could help save the once proud handheld maker.  And thus, the Palm Pre came to be.

This past weekend, Rubenstein sat down with Engadget for the inaugural episode of The Engdaget Show, a tech oriented “mix of one-on-one interviews, roundtable discussions, short video segments, and live music.”

During the interview, Rubenstein reportedly, and understandably, didn’t want to talk about the iPhone, but when asked about the biggest thing he learned from Steve Jobs during their long tenure together, he responded:

“I learned a sense of taste at Apple. I learned how to make products for consumers rather than engineers.”


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