Rumor: Apple tablet to drop in February with PA Semi processor

Tue, Sep 15, 2009


The Taiwan Economic News is reporting that Apple will launch its much rumored tablet device in February 2010 at a pricepoint falling anywhere between $799 and $999.  The tablet will sport a 9.6-inch multitouch screen, will come equipped with a PA Semi processor, and will include a “long lasting battery pack.”  The report also corroborates earlier tablet rumors, noting that it will include built-in HSDPA 3G connectivity.

The context of the report was that Taiwanese-based DynaPack International Technology Corp had been chosen to supply Apple with some 300,000 “units of long lasting battery packs” for its forthcoming tablet.

This latest tablet rumor comes just 2 weeks after a report in the Wall Street Journal which noted that Steve Jobs has obsessively been focusing all of his attention on Apple’s upcoming tablet, with an intensity and focus that Apple employees reportedly haven’t seen since the iPhone was first announced in 2007.  And if this rumored tablet can be anywhere near as game changing a device as the iPhone was, then look out..



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