Guy Kawasaki on Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak [Video]

Wed, Sep 16, 2009

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Check out this video clip of former Mac evangelist Guy Kawasaki talking about the varying personalities of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, and how they complemented each other to form a “potent package.”

On Jobs, Kawasaki notes:

He has a very interesting leadership style.. he’s very demanding, he’s often, shall I say, excessively truthful, and it’s just not my stle.  He does get the best out of you, I think, because people fear him, and it works for him…

On Wozniak, Kawasaki observes:

Wozniak is a completely different case.  Wozniak is the purest form of engineering I’ve ever met. He just loves cool stuff… Mentally, he’s about 16, and I say that as a positive, so he has this childlike fascination with cool stuff

On Woz and Jobs working together:

In that sense they were a great balance because you need this engineering nerd who loves cool stuff and his biggest challenge was to take the entire disk drive controller and stick it on one chip just because nobody had done it before. And then you need the Steve Jobs, salesperson, hustler, marketer, evanagalist to complement that.  If they were both like Steve, they would never ship, and if they were both like Woz, they’d never sell, but the two of them together? Quite a potent package.


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