Collective Soul tune their guitars with an iPhone app

Fri, Sep 18, 2009


Alternative music was an undeniable force which helped shape the musical landscape of the 1990’s, with one of the more popular bands of the era being Collective Soul. Now Collective Soul may not have as much name recognition as, say, the Counting Crows, but the band definitely had their fair share of hit singles back in the mid-90’s, with songs such as “Shine” and “The world I know” both hitting the top of the pop charts in 1993 and 1995 respectively.

Since then, the band has continued churning out music at a steady pace, and if you stick with me, there’s an Apple twist to this story. In the wake of their most recent album release a few weeks ago, iProng Magazine recently sat down with Collective Soul lead singer Ed Roland to discuss the bands new album, and on the menu were some interesting tidbits about the iPhone and how the band relied on it to help them record their music.

Last time we talked you were on the verge of getting an iPhone. Have you gotten your iPhone?

I do. I have my Tiger Woods application. Actually I wrote a lot with the iPhone because of the little recorder it has, so when I was in the back of the bus I could just record all of these ideas down.

Do you use any other iPhone apps professionally?

Oh yeah, we’ve got the guitar tuning on there. We tuned using the guitar app the whole record. That was our tuner. We’re too lazy to buy tuners (laughs). We’re scared to leave our iPhones too far away from us. So everybody just had the same app, and that’s what we tuned our guitars to.

Tuning guitars for a major label record release?  Yeah, there’s an app for that.

And for the sake of nostalgia, here’s the video for “The world I know”, which takes me back to the good ole’ days of high school.



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