Who needs iTunes? The Beatles seem to be doing just fine without it

Wed, Sep 23, 2009


Every year, the Apple rumor mill is abuzz with news that The Beatles will finally be coming to iTunes, and every year, music fans are disappointed when they find out that they were wrong.  Just a few weeks ago, many speculated that The Beatles on iTunes was all but a done deal, and that it would be announced at Apple’s media event on September 9th, a date, which coincidentally, also marked the release of the complete remastered set of Beatles CD’s along with a Beatles edition of the video game Rock Band.

But like clockwork, there were no Beatles mentions to be had, and indeed, the tagline for the event “It’s only Rock and Roll but we like it” was a lyric from a Rolling Stones song.  A passive aggressive jab at The Beatles perhaps?

So while The Beatles still remain the biggest band currently not on iTunes, it hasn’t stopped sales of their newly released CD’s from skyrocketing up the charts.

In just the first 5 days after its release 2 weeks ago, sales of The Beatles remastered albums have sold over 2.5 million copies worldwide, breaking a number of records in the process.  Despite the growing reliance on iTunes, people are apparently still willing to go out and purchase physical copies of CD’s when there’s an attractive enough product.

via Daily Finance



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