Report: Apple gearing up to release new iMacs

Thu, Sep 24, 2009


Newly designed iMacs have already begun rolling off production lines, according to a report today from AppleInsider, who first reported a few weeks ago that Apple was planning to refresh the entire iMac line with “compelling new features.”

In addition to more affordable pricing, the systems are expected to come clad in a thinner industrial design, one of those people added. Though details are admittedly limited, it’s likely these new enclosures will also take design cues from the Cupertino-based company’s relatively new LED-lit Cinema Display offerings.

… Meanwhile, a pair of other associated enhancements — one believed to be related to audio — should see this new generation of iMacs become the most versatile ever, according to another group of people who declined to elaborate because they were not authorized to discuss matter in detail.

Others have speculated that Apple’s new iMacs will come with Blu-Ray drives, but with Apple reportedly seeking to keep prices down, we’d wager that such a change is unlikely, or at best, will only be available on a top of the line 24-inch iMac model.

AppleInsider believes that Apple may make an announcement about its revamped line of iMacs “anytime between next week and mid-October.”  Or in other words, definitely before the launch of Windows 7 which is slated to hit the shelves on October 22.


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