I know people look up to Steve Jobs, but this is just ridiculous [Photo]

Sun, Sep 27, 2009

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You know, they say that Apple has a religious and almost cult-like following, and we all know that Steve Jobs’ ability to rally the masses around a new product is second to none, but this is taking things a step too far.

Check out this photo of a car that was spotted in Apple’s parking lot a few days ago, and pay special attention to the license plate.  It reads WWSJD (i.e “What would Steve Jobs do?”), an obvious riff on the popular “What would Jesus do?” slogan.  Whoever’s driving this baby sure has some hardcore allegiance to all things Apple. Or, perhaps, given Microsoft’s pension for following in Apple’s footsteps (i.e copying), maybe the car actually belongs to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer?  Nah, on second thought, the car below is an Acura and Jobs drives a Benzito, not to mention that the plate is from California and not Washington.

via TechCrunch


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  1. pfitzner Says:

    Since Steve Jobs is a billionaire, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to ask oneself, “What would Steve Jobs do?” He must be doing something right!

    And the word you’re looking for is ‘penchant’, not ‘pension’.

  2. wwkmad Says:

    Get a grip pfitzner. Since you’re so smart, figure out what KMA stands for.

  3. Scott B. Says:

    You lost your grip wwkmad,

    And since insults only show that “a person as Yourself,” can’t think of any constructive ideas or positive response you certainly need help for your delusion of granger and self importance.

    Anger Management and medication for your hateful demeanor could help allot if you last long enough.

    Good Day 😉

  4. DESuserIGN Says:

    I have a “pension” for “delusion of granger.”
    Eye owl wise ewes a spill chucker sew eye no my spilling is core wrecked.

  5. DESuserIGN Says:

    Dumb article, BTW.

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