Microsoft planning to build Cafe in France to build up excitement for Windows 7

Sun, Sep 27, 2009


To help spread awareness of and generate excitement for the upcoming release of Windows 7, Microsoft is planning to open up a Windows 7 cafe in Paris, France.  The cafe will only be in operation for a few weeks following the October 22nd release of Microsoft’s latest OS, but Parisians will soon be able to explore a number of Microsoft products as they feast on the finest French pastries around.  A variety of other snacks and drinks will be available, and so while you will be able to put on a few pounds at Microsoft’s latest retail initiative, you won’t be able to leave with any hardware as the Cafe won’t actually be selling any Microsoft products.  Still, with free wi-fi on the agenda, you can bet that the place won’t have any problems attracting visitors.

via TechCrunch



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