Psystar counsel resigns from Psystar defense team

Fri, Oct 2, 2009

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Before you jump to any conclusions, let us say right off the bat that Camara & Sibley are still working with Psystar in their ongoing litigation with Apple.  Rather, the resigning party is attorney David Welker of the California based law firm Welker and Rosario, where he not surprisingly serves as a Partner.

According to court documents filed yesterday, Welker requested from the court permission to withdraw from the case, noting that such a move was opposed neither by Psystar or their lead counsel.  Reasons behind Welker’s filing remain unclear, but Welker noted that his removal from the case is unlikely to prejudice Psystar in any way given that he’s acted more as an informal representative for them.  Moreover, Welker notes that he’s never received any compensation from Psystar and that he’s not been “heavily involved in either case planning or strategy.”

Welker was first retained this past July after Psystar decided to switch legal teams mid-stream and hop on board with the law firms Welker and Rosario and Camara & Sibley.  While Welker was involved with proceedings to a certain extent (he was behind the motion which accused Apple Senior VP of marketing, Phil Schiller, of being “unprepared” during his deposition), K.A.D Camara from Camara & Sibley has been the most visible counsel for Psystar in the past few months.

Welker’s request to withdraw from the case was granted today.

Apple first sued Psystar in July of last year for selling Psystar computers running copies of OS X Leopard.  Trial is scheduled to get underway in January of 2010.



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