What an Apple job offer looks like [Photos]

Tue, Oct 6, 2009


Ever wonder what an Apple job offer looks like?  Well look no further as Glyph was recently hired by Apple and he posted a few choice shots of Apple’s job offer.  Not surprisingly, the offer was far from an ordinary job offer typed up on a generic piece of paper and mailed away to be signed and returned. Check out the photos after the break.

And here it is opened up..

And now this baby is fully exposed!

Glyph writes of his offer “unboxing” experience:

Unfolded in all its glory, “The Offer” stands out in the center, in a large, bold font.  The interface and experience is completely consistent across all three pockets within the folder.

All kidding aside, any company that can give this much attention to detail just in their HR paperwork should be fun to work for.  I am looking forward to this new adventure.

You can check out Glyph’s full impressions over here.


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