Verizon and Google working together to combat the iPhone

Thu, Oct 8, 2009


Yahoo! reports on the budding relationship between Verizon and Google, and the upcoming Android phones expected to launch on Verizon’s network in the coming weeks:

Google CEO Eric Schmidt said in an interview that the company couldn’t just release its software and then wait for manufacturers to do “amazing things” with it.

“The way you really create a great product is you collaborate at the technical level. That was the pitch from Verizon, and we actually changed our strategy based on that,” Schmidt told The Associated Press.

… Verizon Wireless isn’t abandoning competing “smart” phone platforms such as Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Mobile, Palm Inc.’s webOS or Research in Motion Ltd.’s BlackBerry OS. But Verizon hasn’t made a similar commitment to either of those.

It seems that the odds of the iPhone hitting Verizon anytime soon are looking pretty slim.


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