Whadya know, Greenpeace praises Apple

Thu, Oct 8, 2009


Greenpeace has been using Apple as a scapegoat to attract more attention to its environmental causes for some time now, and after many years of seemingly non-stop critiques, Apple finally seems to be in the groups good graces.

Following Apple’s public resignation from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce over the non-profit groups strategy on tackling climate change, Greenpeace praised Apple’s efforts in a message posted on its website earlier today.

Many companies with high-profile climate positions must be shifting a little uneasily in the boardroom right now. Staying silent on this issue is definitely not showing the leadership Apple and others have shown by speaking out.

Our Cool IT Challenge specifically calls on the IT industry leaders to show real climate leadership. Microsoft and IBM sit on the Chamber board. What’s more, both have a financial interest in tough laws on emissions: they sell technologies and software which¬†would be needed to cut emissions.

Now is the time for IBM and Microsoft to speak out against the position of the Chamber — or do what Apple did, and leave.

What’s next, the iPhone on Verizon?

You can check out Greenpeace’s full take on things over here.


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