Data Rescue 3 drops with numerous upgrades

Mon, Oct 12, 2009


Macnn reports:

Prosoft Engineering has released Data Rescue 3, an upgrade to its data recovery software. The app is designed to help users retrieve files from a corrupt hard drive, as well as restore files that have been previously deleted. Version 3 delivers several new features including a re-designed interface, an “intelligent” FileIQ function, and improvements to both speed and overall performance.

… Additional changes offer over 100 reconstructed file types for deleted and deep scans, improved support for scanning both 1TB drives or Apple software RAID drives, and several bug fixes. The update also adds the ability to suspend or resume scans, or to manage the results from multiple scans.

A personal use license for Data Rescue 3 runs for $99 while a Professional use license will lighten your wallet to the tune of $249.  For those who’ve already purchased Data Rescue 2, upgrading is only $65.

Speaking from experience, Data Rescue is an absolute lifesaver, and for $100, they offer an affordable service that could easily cost well into the hundreds at retail spots like Best Buy.

And lastly, Data Rescue 3 is compatible with OS X 10.4.11 all the way up to Snow Leopard.


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