Say what?! Giorgio Armani plans to take on the iPhone

Tue, Oct 13, 2009


The Examiner reports:

Giorgio Armani, one of the most recognizable names in luxury fashion, has partnered with Samsung to create a fashion-forward, $1000 mobile device that some believe is more elegant than the design of the iPhone.

According to JK Shin, Executive Vice President of Samsung Electronics, “This latest generation mobile masterfully combines our experience in technology with a design from one of the world’s best known designers and the function offered by Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system”(TG Daily). The phone boasts FM Radio, TV-Out, WiFi access, and other standards expected of a new phone in today’s age.

Wow, this sure has FAIL written all over it.  For starters, who in their right minds would purchase a $1000 phone?  Second, what makes anyone think that an Armani designed phone will be that much better, that much more elegant, than any of the phones already out on the market today.

There’s a big difference between designing clothes and designing consumer electronics (there’s a reason why Jonathan Ive doesn’t design clothing).  Besides, if you’ve ever seen some of the gaudy shirts from Armani that many a douchebag love to wear, we have a hard time believing that this venture will be profitable or worthwhile for any party involved.  And the scary thing is that this is without even mentioning that the phone will run the horribly reviewed Windows Mobile 6.5 OS.

To Armani’s credit, though, Aqua Di Gio is one helluva cologne.



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  1. Jared Says:

    (Nelson laugh) Ha ha!

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