Apple enables in-app purchases for free apps

Thu, Oct 15, 2009


Apple sent an email to developers today informing them that free apps will now be allowed to implement support for in-app purchases, a feature which up until now has only been available for paid apps.

TechCrunch comments:

This will also have a massive impact on free games that thrive on the sales of virtual goods, like Tapulous and Zynga. Up until now Tapulous has been unable to sell new songs through its flagship applications Tap Tap Revenge 1 and 2, because these are both free. In order to take advantage of the in-app purchase feature that Apple launched earlier this summer, Tapulous was forced to launch TTR3 as a 99 cent application. The app has still done extremely well, leading the Top Grossing charts for days, but it would have almost certainly gotten even more downloads had it been free.



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