Report: New iMacs won’t support Blu-Ray

Thu, Oct 15, 2009


Citing sources close to Apple, AppleInsider is reporting that Apple has backtracked on earlier plans to revamp its iMac line with built in Blu-Ray players.  This echoes a similar report from DaringFireball which noted last week that Apple had initially included Blu-Ray support in its new line of iMacs, but decided to remove the feature at the last minute.

With Windows 7 about to hit store shelves, Apple is reportedly planning a big marketing push for Macs to counteract any sales momentum Microsoft is hoping to generate.  Naturally, Apple will try and keep its prices down just a tad, which would have been hard given the added cost that comes with Blu-Ray.  Still, AppleInsider points out that Apple could have easily made Blu-Ray support a build-to-order feature as opposed to including it on every single iMac coming off the production line.

But when exactly will these new iMacs make their debut?

New iMacs were largely expected to make an appearance last week, and with this week almost over, some are now looking for an iMac announcement sometime next week.

Lastly, some reports suggest that the new iMacs will be a tad thinner and will sport a slightlymodified form factor (i.e modifying the rounded edges etc).  A brand new multi-touch enabled mouse is also expected to ship with the new iMacs.

As for price price, one rumor floating around has the base model iMac starting at $1099.



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  1. sean Says:

    BRD as a CTO option would be nice, and Apple should have jumped on it a long time ago, I think.

    What I’m really hoping for is a new mouse, finally, with the release of these new iMacs. I suspect Apple is going to sell lots of these mice, if they truly do away with the gunk ball. They really ought to offer a trade in program/rebate for owners of the “mighty mouse”- which was a neat concept, but a really poor execution. A multitouch BT mouse would be hella cool- hope it comes with a desktop charger.

  2. Yacko Says:

    Current Macs will mount a Blueray data disc and Toast will burn data discs and video discs with a cost extra extension. What Macs do not do is play Blueray through Quicktime. Everybody is concentrated on the hardware which is not the issue since you can buy both BD readers and burners in external cases. At some point Apple could license the IP and bring the full experience to the OS and let you buy your own drive, but since Apple sells digitized movies and TV shows via the iTunes store, I’d say it is unlikely. If the next disc format was on the horizon then maybe, but it is entirely possible this is the end of discs as we know them, high quality weenies notwithstanding. Lossless audio snobs are probably less than 1 percent versus the mp3 crowd, and the high def home theater demographic is pretty small too. People buy the TVs because the picture is bigger, wider and shows more of the football field.

  3. eon Says:

    I’m curious if VLC will play blueray disc on Macs. The latest version supposedly has that ability, but I don’t know anyone with a blueray disc on their Mac.

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