Early Motorola Droid hands-on impresses

Mon, Oct 19, 2009


The ninja like folks over at the Boy Genius Report have gotten their hands on the Motorola Droid – you know, the phone that does what the iPhone iDoesn’t – and their initial impressions are overwhelmingly positive.  The screen is reportedly huge and awesome, and more importantly, the device is a screamer, sporting a TI OMAP3430 processor.

BGR notes that the device runs Android 2.0 and that contrary to some similar phones out on the market, its QWERTY keyboard is actually functional.  Interestingly, BGR writes that they’ve heard through the grapevine that “Google had a direct hand in the Motorola Droid. Something to the point of almost dictating every move Motorola made when designing and making the phone.”

You can check out BGR’s full impression of the device over here along with some always intriguing screenshots.



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