Flip4Mac updated for Snow Leopard

Mon, Oct 19, 2009


Flip4Mac WMV is a great plugin for the Mac which lets users stream and view Windows Media files via a web browser or from within Quicktime.  The plugin is a must-have for Mac users because, let’s face it, we still live in a Windows world and sometimes you just can’t get around sites that exclusively offer .WMV content.  After updating to Snow Leopard, though, I noticed that the plugin no longer worked, forcing me to venture out into society and interact with people.  Damn you Snow Leopard!

But thankfully, Telestream, the developers behind Flip4Mac have updated the plug-in to work with Snow Leopard, rendering WMV files vieweable once more for Mac users.

Aside from being updated to work with OS X 10.6, the latest version of Flip4Mac also imports local files in the background, which results in faster start times when streaming media content.

You can check out the latest version of Flip4Mac WMV 2.3 over here.  There is a free version available along with a few paid versions of the software, but the majority of users should get by just fine with the free one.

The release notes point out that under Safari 4, the plugin runs with limited functionality as a result of Safari running in 64-bit mode, though users do have the option to run Safari in 32-bit mode.  We’re unsure what the limited functionality entails, but we’ll update the post once we give the updated plug-in a go.



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