Symbian executive disses Android, implies that Google is evil [Video]

Tue, Oct 27, 2009


Symbian executive Lee Williams recently gave a candid interview where he tears Android and Google to shreds.  Take a look below.  Regardless of whether or not you agree with him, it’s nice to see someone shoot from the hip and not worry about being politically correct.  Basically, Williams has a problem with Google touting the openness of Android when Google is the only one driving the ship.  When asked about Apple being evil, Williams comically responds,

I don’t view Apple as evil, they’re just greedy… Google, come on! When you have to say in your motto that we’re not evil, right away the first question in my mind is, ‘why do you have to tell me that?’

Wiliams sure has some interesting opinions, but it’s hard to trust a guy who wears the kind of rings Williams apparently enjoys.


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