Report: 27-inch iMacs experiencing Flash playback issues

Fri, Oct 30, 2009


Engadget is reporting that Apple’s support discussion boards are filling up with complaints that the new 27-inch iMac experiences some sluggish behavior during flash playback.

The most common symptom seems to be incredibly slow Flash video playback, but people are also claiming that there’s a bug forcing the hard drive to spin down, that there’s a corrupted Snow Leopard build preinstalled, and even that the problem is bad permissions, which is basically how an OS X user gives up trying to figure things out.

After perusing a few threads on Apple’s support board, it seems that some people with the problem have been able to fix it either by re-installing flash, or putting the computer to sleep and waking it back up.  Other users are reporting that the problem plum went away randomly on its own.

Still, those solutions hasn’t worked for everyone, and one commenter notes that Apple support has officially categorized the problem as an issue resulting from the machine’s graphics card.

We’ll keep you posted.


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