A working 42-inch iPhone 3GS as a halloween costume.. say what?!

Sat, Oct 31, 2009

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Okay, we’ve seen people dress up as iPhones and an assortment of other gadgets before, but this takes thing to an entirely new level.  The iPhone costumes below, powered by a car battery, are legit in every sense of the word, with the large display coming courtesy of a full size 42-inch LCD TV.

How great is that?

The jokesters behind the getup are Reko Rivera and Bobby Hartman, and with Halloween just a few days away, the guys are planning on entering a few local and online costume contests with the hopes of recouping all the money they spent putting together their walking iPhone costume, which in the end, set them back a cool $2000.

In order to get the iPhone up and running on the 42-inch LCD, the guys enabled dual image output by modifying the iPhone’s software.


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