Report: Upcoming OS X 10.6.2 update kills support for Atom processor

Mon, Nov 2, 2009


Hackintosh netbook owners take note – the upcoming OS X 10.6.2 update reportedly kills support for the Intel Atom processor, according a report from OS X Daily.  Owners using a hackintosh machine are advised to stick with 10.6.1 and refrain from upgrading once 10.6.2 becomes available.

You can’t help but suspect this move is Apple’s attempt at shutting down the growing and popular Hackintosh Netbook community, since Apple has no product line that runs the Atom itself. Mac OS X runs absolutely flawlessly on much of the PC Netbook hardware, once it’s configured you wouldn’t know you’re not on a Mac. Maybe it’s in effort to kill the Atom Hackintoh Netbooks in anticipation of the rumored Tablet?

I’m sure Apple has been keeping an eye on the growing popularity of Hackintosh’s for some time now and that they’re just now finally getting around to doing something about it.

About a week ago, Apple seeded developers the latest build of OS X 10.6.2, and the update reportedly fixes a number of issues relating to ColorSync, QuartzCore, Espose, Screen Sharing, and a host of other components which reportedly totals out at nearly 150.  A previous developer of OS X 10.6.2 fixed the nasty and data-erasing “guest account” bug that surfaced a few weeks ago.

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