Beatles go digital with an apple USB drive, but not on iTunes

Wed, Nov 4, 2009


The Beatles on iTunes is a rumor that surfaces every year, and much like the Cubs winning the World Series, it never seems to actually happen.  But in a step forward at least, the entire Beatles catalogue of music is now available in digital form for the first time, albeit not on iTunes.

On December 8th, the entire Beatles collection will be released in the form of a USB stick in the shape of an Apple.  No need to adjust your screen there folks, you read that correctly.  You can take a gander at the USB stick below, and if it piques your interest, you better act quick as they’re being positioned as limited edition devices with only 30,000 units expected to hit the streets.

On a related note, can you imagine a fruit basket of sorts filed solely with fruit shaped USB drives from an assortment of artists?

But wait, there’s more!

The USB drive also contains digital versions of the Beatles CD’s visual elements, along with 13 mini-documentaries about the making of their studio albums, rare photos and expanded liner notes.  Wow, it almost sounds like iTunes LP.  As for accessing the content, once the USB drive is plugged into a computer (either Mac or PC) a flash interface pops up allowing users to navigate through all of the music and visual content.

And to what extent will this baby lighten your wallet?  To the sweet tune of $279, and if you’re game, pre orders are available here.


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