Steve Jobs earned the biggest executive bonus of the decade

Wed, Nov 4, 2009


Apple CEO Steve Jobs may only earn $1 a year in salary, but don’t think that everyone’s favorite technology visionary is struggling when it comes to putting up numbers in his bank account.  For starters, Jobs holds a boatload of Apple stock, which is saying something given that Apple’s stock price has recently flirted with all-time highs which have touched $208 a share.  Furthermore, Jobs is also the largest single shareholder of Disney stock.

And if that doesn’t leave your bank account looking pretty pathetic in comparison, Jobs was also the recipient of the largest executive bonus of this past decade, taking home a cool $43.5 million bonus in 2001.  And seeing that that payment was subsequently followed by the iPod and the iPhone taking over the world, we’d say it was a pretty shrewd investment.

As for overall wealth, Jobs recently checked in as the 43rd wealthiest man in America, with a net worth of approximately $5.1 billion.  With that kind of dough, Jobs could buy 864,406 iPod Shuffles or 225 thousand iPhone 3GS’s for $199.  Or, of course, he could also buy well over a million black turtlenecks.

[hat tip] CNBC


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  1. CapnVan Says:

    I suppose it depends on your definition of bonus. In 2008, Adam Levinson of Fortress Investment Group received $300 million as a retention bonus, putting him an order of magnitude above Steve-O.

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