Desktop background in Windows 7 looks great, and was designed by a 24 year old

Sun, Nov 8, 2009


Pardon the Windows 7 default backdrop, but since we bash Microsoft quite often on this blog, we thought we’d switch things up a bit and actually heap some praise upon Apple’s friendly neighbors to the north.

The photo above is the default background in Windows 7, and we can’t lie, it’s pretty snazzy.  The actual design was created by Chuck Anderson, a 24 year old designer who rose to prominence in the online art community, and subsequently parlayed that into solid gigs with companies like Urban Outfitters, Pepsi, Microsoft and more.

Gizmodo has an interesting article up detailing Chuck’s design process, along with photos of abandoned ideas and sketches for the Windows 7 homescreen.  It’s an interesting look at the desgin process, and well worth checking out if you have even a passing interest in graphic design.

Microsoft sought out this young, independent, mixed media digital artist rather than going through traditional channels, and it resulted in a fresh new look that couldn’t have come from another source. It’s credit to them..

Credit indeed.  Okay, now back to our regularly scheduled Microsoft critiquing programming.


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