Image.jpg themed picture frame – a perfect gift for the uber Mac nerd

Mon, Nov 9, 2009


If you’re an Apple nerd to the absolute core, then perhaps you might be interested in this Mac OS themed Apple picture frame.  Appropriately titled “image.jpg”, the frame’s background signifies a transparency when no photo is present.

The product description reads:

Meet the first ever analog “digital” photo frame. By “digital,” we mean it has a Mac software window silk-screened onto it. By hand. Which is amusing when you think about it. It’s a manually-applied representation of a computer interface which holds your printed image which was probably taken on a digital camera. You don’t have to worry about the LCD panel on this one; it’s a piece of transparent glass. You don’t have to register it, there are never any software updates required, and if the power goes out, it continues to function.

via Think Geek


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  1. Tada Burke Says:

    Cool, but horr0rzontal scrolls? menolike

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