New iPhone worm Rickroll’s homescreens of jailbroken iPhones

Mon, Nov 9, 2009


A new iPhone worm called Ikee is making its way across the homescreens of jailbroken iPhones and replacing the default wallpaper with a picture of 80’s pop singer Rick Astley.  A new twist on getting Rick Rolled, I suppose.

As of now, the only place where the worm appears to be spreading is in Australia, and we should point out that only jailbroken iPhones are at risk as they’re capable of running un-authorized code.

The attack, which many are labeling as the first iPhone worm, works like this: Once the worm finds itself on a vulnerable iPhone, it proceeds to search the mobile phone network for other jailbroken iPhones where it then copies itself over using the default password and SSH.

The author of the worm reportedly wrote it in order to generate awareness of the fact that many iPhone users who jailbreak their phones don’t bother to change their default passwords once they install SSH.  There are reportedly 4 different strains of the worm, but they all appear to be harmless.


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